Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful family-filled Thanksgiving as usual. We are so blessed to have all of our family here in Spokane. Occasionally it is a bit overwhelming because we have so many people who want to see us on the same day. Thanksgiving is especially difficult because it is one day, one meal. This year we went to Garth's grandparents' farm at noon then my Aunt Nancy's for dinner at 4. We literally rolled home! I was in charge of apple pies and rolls for Nancy's house. I wish I had remembered my camera because they both turned out perfect! My mom said she might retire from cooking since I seem to have it handled. I think it was the first time I did rolls by myself and I didn't have to start over or call my mom for anything. They turned out just like hers, yay!

So I am sure that you all have wonderful families, but Garth and I have the best Grandparents ever. This year we are especially grateful for Norm and Ele Hamilton. This is Norm with Derek Norman in the hospital hours after he was born. We think they are the best for several reasons.
*Constant love/support for everything we choose to do.
*They are the most giving people we know. For example, I go grocery shopping on their farm in the summer. I never leave without bags full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and farm eggs.
*Their unexpected gifts that make our lives easier, like the apple corer/peeler they gave me to help make the process of canning apples easier (of course the 6 boxes of apples I was processing came from their farm.)
*Garth loves that his Grandma is a huge sports fan. She loves to watch "the game" as much as he does.
*They seem to truly enjoy my kids. I can be having a tough day and we will stop by the farm for a visit. They don't let the kids stress them out like I do. Grandpa just laughs at tantrums (he can throw one as big as them, and he likes to see who has the best grumpy face.)
*They introduce my kids to lots of neat things. 3 wheelers (at 3 years old) farming, cool collectible tractors, pressing cider etc.
*Surprise visits at our house. The most recent one, they showed up with jeans for Derek (they have an uncanny ability to know just what my kids need and get it right before I do.) He was busting out of the waist of his 12 month jeans and they brought him a new pair of 18 month Levis. When they left that night, Garth looked at me and said, "Everyone should have Grandparents like that." I have to agree.


john and amber said...

I'm so glad you guys had a nice Thanksgiving. Garth's grandparents are so cute!

amy said...

All but one of my grandparents are dead. Will you ask Norm and Ele if they want to adopt my family?