Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's snowing. . .

. . .again!

We came home a day early from Canada because we heard there was a huge snow storm in Spokane and that more was coming. It snowed 20+ inches in 24 hours here. Luckily, some unknown snow-removal angel had snow plowed a path down our long driveway up to our garage. We were so grateful we didn't have to hike in! I love the curious way the snow builds up on fences then just folds over instead of falling off. This is my in-law's roof after the one big day of snow!

I love these pictures of Sydney hiking through our back yard while Garth did more snow blowing.

Today with the new snow storm, you can't even see her tracks from yesterday. I think this is a stay at home and sit by the fire with a book kind of day!

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