Sunday, December 21, 2008

Big White - Big Fun!

We just got back from a week-long trip to Canada. Garth's Mom owns a condo at Big White Ski Resort and she decided that instead of presents this year, she wanted to take us all skiing. We had a blast! I am not a big skier (of the snow variety) because I hate to be cold. The temperatures this week varied from -14 degrees to a balmy 5 degrees. Despite the cold, I had a good time skiing. Theresa and I did "Ladies Day"one day (lift ticket, lesson, and lunch) then we took Carter on a couple runs in the afternoon. The next day Garth and I skied together and we found lots of good powder from the snow the previous night. Sydney got to try skiing for the first time too. Big White has this great magic carpet and she rode it several times. I just think she looks cute like a big pink marshmallow.
At the village on Thursday nights, they have a big kid's carnival. It is usually packed but since this is the first week Big White was open, it was pleasantly sparse.

The kids love the gondola ride from Happy Valley to the Village. Carter used to call them the "yellow umbrellas."

Fun carnival games. Carter asked this Australian liftie for a spider on his face. Apparently spiders in Australia only have six legs because this was the finished product.

Our last day there, we decided to get Carter a lesson. He does okay with us but he was a little dramatic (hard to believe). We thought he would work harder for a teacher, and we were right. It was 10 below that day and he still had a blast! He didn't want to stop when his two hours were done. We look forward to our next visit. Thanks Theresa and Tony!

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