Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Taco Time

Carter was really hoping he would get the chance to work at Taco Time a little while we were in Richfield.  My Grandma was so kind to order him a hat and t-shirt so he would fit in!  He started working by wiping down tables and taking food out the drive through window.  He did really well and worked four hours the first day.  Then he begged and begged to go back the next day.  I hesitated because I didn’t want him to be a nuisance but around 12:00, the manager Sharon called and said they needed his help and when could I bring him in?  Six hours later we came to pick him up and he had progressed from bus boy to wearing a head set and taking orders from the drive through!  This is probably the most enthusiastic he has ever been about any kind of work.  It was really fun to watch him do it and succeed!

june & july 2013 047

june & july 2013 049

june & july 2013 048

It appears, though, that he is not the youngest Taco Time worker in the family. . .

09-02-2013 10;08;26PM2

09-02-2013 10;08;26PM

09-02-2013 10;08;26PM3

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