Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mills Brothers Dairy Farm

My Uncle Matt and his brothers own a dairy farm in Monroe, Utah.  They have about 800 head of cattle and sell their milk to Darigold for making yogurt.  My kids had never seen it, so we took a field trip out there. 

june & july 2013 050

june & july 2013 051

june & july 2013 052

The girls loved the babies.  These babies had just been born that morning!

june & july 2013 053

june & july 2013 054

He took us inside and showed us the milking operation.  We got to watch the cows come in, get hooked up, the milking and exit.  It was a well run operation and happens all day long. 

june & july 2013 055

Matt decided to show Derek (and the rest of us city folk) how to milk a cow the “traditional way." The lesson ended when Derek got squirted in the face by mom!

june & july 2013 056

june & july 2013 057

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