Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Eve Traditions

Last year my cousin Kelly started a new tradition of ice skating Christmas eve morning.  It is a fun way for all of the extended family to see each other without causing one person the stress of having hordes of people in their house for dinner. 

December 2012 036December 2012 042

My kids aren’t what you’d call natural athletes, but they all did a little better than last year and there was only minimal crying from the little ones. 

December 2012 040December 2012 044

December 2012 038

Who needs skates when you are this stinking cute?! I love baby Lucy!

December 2012 039

December 2012 041

Addy Rippy, Eliza Lundberg, and Sydney

December 2012 043

After skating we headed upstairs for some yummy soup and a rowdy round of “Mother May I” led by Uncle Tony.

December 2012 045

December 2012 046December 2012 047

December 2012 049December 2012 048

Later that day, my family all gathered at my mom’s for the traditional dinner and nativity program. 

December 2012 051

We had a fun surprise a couple of days before Christmas.  Rogelio (Garth’s “uncle” from when he lived in Mexico) called and said he was in Spokane for a few days with his 16 year old grandson Guillermo.  Guillermo’s sister had come here for an exchange in August but wasn’t happy so she headed home early.  Rogelio had already purchased a ticket to come see her for Christmas so he just came anyway.  Garth got to take them out for an amazing dinner one night and they got to come celebrate at my mom’s house.  It was a great place because there were 5 people there that could speak Spanish with them (although Guillermo’s English is better than most of our Spanish!)


This was our best effort at a picture of my mom’s 12 grandkids.  Lucy wouldn’t stay put and Olivia wouldn’t smile.  10 out of 12 isn’t bad.

December 2012 053

The Nativity

December 2012 068December 2012 069

December 2012 070December 2012 072December 2012 074

We also have a talent portion of the program.  Sydney sang Away in a Manger.

December 2012 075

Carter and Grandpa Doug played "Heart and Soul.”

December 2012 076

All the grandkids sang “I am a Child of God”

December 2012 080

There is nothing quite so flattering as a picture taken by a 4 year old at an upward angle, at the end of a long day like this, after eating too much food, and chasing too many children!

December 2012 081

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