Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Day

This year, Santa finally gave in and got my kids a Wii.  They each had a Wii game in their stockings and it was hilarious to see their confused reactions.  Carter was especially confused and guardedly hopeful.  Sydney was so optimistic. . .”oh fun! now we can take our Wii games over to the Youngs and play them!”

December 2012 082December 2012 083

Then we let them all open the Wii together and their reaction was perfect!!!

December 2012 084

December 2012 085

Olivia was so happy about her big girl car seat (she has such a practical gift-giving mother :)

December 2012 086

Sydney got the ridiculously large Dream Duffel which will make both our lives easier for hauling stuff to dance competitions. 

December 2012 115

Then they played, and danced, and played and danced on the Wii til it was time for another Christmas celebration at the Hamilton’s.

December 2012 087December 2012 088December 2012 089

December 2012 091

Some favorites at the Hamilton’s were. . .

BB Gun from Norm & Ele

December 2012 093

December 2012 094

December 2012 100

Princess barbies

December 2012 092

A remote control Cars 2 Car and a crazy large pirate ship

December 2012 098December 2012 103

And this amazing barbie house!!! Built by Norm and decorated by me, it was a HUGE hit!

December 2012 095December 2012 096

December 2012 097

They also got a bunch of wooden furniture to finish off the house.  I think I love it as much as they do!

December 2012 099December 2012 101

December 2012 102

We also got to enjoy the newest Hamilton baby Maren (daughter of Keith and Karyna) so sweet!!!

December 2012 105December 2012 107

When I looked at my pictures later, I noticed Sydney had done a little photography. . . Here are some of her pictures.  December 2012 104December 2012 108

December 2012 109December 2012 112

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