Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kindergarten Graduate and a Person I Admire

Let's just say that I was NOT one of those parents who cried when my kids started kindergarten, unless it was a tear of joy. I love having my kids attend school. Instead of being sad and nostalgic about Sydney graduating from kindergarten, I am looking forward to her being in first grade and having no half-day committments for any of my kids for a whole year (then we get to start the preschool and kindergarten show all over for the little two.)

The kids performed all of their color songs, weather songs, months and seasons songs. Then they got called up and received a diploma. Quite a bit of pomp considering they will be coming back to this same school in a few short months, but they felt important.

This is Sydney's best little bud, Carly. These two girls are so much alike it is freaky. They've got the same sass, love of dance, silly humor, and sweet spirits. She lives just a street away so it will be fun to see this friendship grow.

Sydney's teacher, Mrs. Hare is people I admire #3. She is a truly amazing teacher. She has every bit as much energy as these 5 and 6 year olds. She talks a million miles a minute and can change pace as quickly as her students. She had the dream job this year, 15 kindergarteners and she took them so far. I enjoyed volunteering in her classroom and seeing the growth, both academically and socially throughout the year. With the last name Hare, she plays it up in her classroom (filled with bunny things). She teaches the kids that they are all someBUNNY special. . .she has even told me and other parents on a regular basis that we are somebunny special too. She taught Carter in first grade last year then moved down to kindergarten (where she says her heart belongs) so she had my kids two years in a row. I might go through Mrs. Hare withdrawal next year and I hope she sticks around long enough to have my other two kids!

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