Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Go Fish!

The second grade classes this year put on a musical called "Go Fish." I was actually very impressed with them. They all could have slowed down and spoken a little louder but they sang several songs, with choreography that were adorable. Everyone knew where to go and when to be there and it was super fun to watch.

Carter played the Tuna fish who couldn't carry a tune. He got to sing off key and he did a great job!

The Needle fish on the right was Carter's partner on one of the dances. She told her mom that Carter's hands are made for basketball. . . not dancing!

Of course, I had nothing to do with his amazing costume. I asked Theresa what she would do (their only direction was that he needed to have a yellow tail) and she graciously went to work to make this amazing tuna fish costume. WOW!

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Julie k said...

Did you make the tuna fish costume? My daughter is this for her play.