Thursday, May 26, 2011

An Unwelcome Guest

I was headed out to go visiting teaching and I opened the door to the garage to get the kids in their car seats. I realized I forgot my purse and walked back into the house. Derek and Livie came running in saying "it scares me" I asked what and they said "the bird" right about when I noticed there was a bird fluttering around my living room. I ran like a maniac to all the doors and threw them open so it would fly out. Unfortunately, it flew upstairs instead. We all went upstairs wondering where it would end up since I have 6 rooms up there all with their doors hanging wide open. Then I heard Derek announce "there's the birdy!" Can you see it in the left hand corner of the window?

Cue me. . .acting like a freak, throwing socks at it to try to get it to fly off the windowsill, climbing on a ladder and trying to brush it away with a broom (it may not appear so, but he is WAY up there. I have an extra tall front door, plus the ledge, then the window). When the bird flew at me, I lost all sense and fell off the ladder when I tried to jump down? run away? dodge the bird? who knows what I was thinking. Then I decided I would leave it alone and see if it would fly out on its own if it wasn't being harassed. It didn't.
So I called Grandpa Norm and he saved the day! He raised the ladder higher than I dared and asked me for a towel. I asked if he was going to catch it and he said "no, I'm going to knock that bugger unconscious." I wish I had a picture of my two little ones on the stairs watching and Livie repeating over and over "the birdy scares me" and "grandpa get him out." He wacked the bird three times, it fell on the floor in a daze but perfectly okay and Grandpa climbed down, scooped him up, and carried him outside. I had been fighting with that thing for two hours and Norm is here for two minutes and solves the problem. I hate to be a helpless little girl but it sure felt good to have a guy like Norm around to save me!

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