Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's a little depressing

Water skiing with my cousin Cameron for the past several years, there has been an unwritten rule that there are no wetsuits allowed after Memorial Day or before Labor Day. Obviously you can wear them whenever you want on our boat, you will just get made fun of for not being enough of a "man." So here it is, Memorial Day weekend, and we have not even gotten in the water. It has been freakishly cold here, in fact last week we were about 20* below average for this time of year, not to mention the water just hit 50* last week. We put the boat on the lift so it would be ready if there was ever a dry or less than frigid day and it has been sitting there empty for a week. There is also an unusual amount of runoff this year and I have never seen so much water pouring over the dam. The water is moving so fast that there are whirlpools. I am DYING to get on the boat and I consider myself pretty die-hard when it comes to getting in the water in less than perfect conditions, but this is just crazy!

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