Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's a Love-Hate Relationship

No, not with my kids, or my husband, I'm talking about Spring Cleaning. We have Spring Cleaned every year since we moved into this house. It seems like each year it gets harder. More kid grime, more junk to sort through and more kids to try to entertain while I deep clean. But, I LOVE that there are no cobwebs in the corners.
I LOVE that there are no hand prints on my walls.

I LOVE that I know that there are no dust balls, food spills, or anything else behind my appliances (even if nobody will ever see back there).

I LOVE that there are no broken toys or toys with missing pieces cluttering the toy boxes.

I LOVE that my cupboards and closets are tidy and organized.

I LOVE that it forces me to replace things like old rugs or dingy towels.

I LOVE that it motivates me to do little projects like finally putting up this vinyl lettering in my mudroom.
I LOVE that my kids are learning about taking care of your stuff (even if they spent more time watching than doing).
I just HATE doing it!

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Natalie said...

Amen! You are great to do it every year. I haven't dared to peek behind the fridge in the nine years we've been married. Ack! Can I be you, please? :) I miss you, by the way.