Friday, February 25, 2011

Little Fishies

For the past month, we have spent our Monday and Wednesday mornings at the YMCA pool. I discovered that weekday, daytime classes are the best because they are so sparse. Syd's first 3 lessons were private lessons then a little boy added for the remainder. Derek's class only had 2 other kids in it as well. I loved how much attention they both got!
Sydney loved every minute of it and really improved as a swimmer. I don't quite trust her to swim on her own yet but she is SO close!

Derek, on the other hand, didn't love lessons. He refused to jump in and I would often hear him tell his teacher "I'm not blowing bubbles today." or whatever else he decided he didn't feel like doing.

Olivia and I hung out in the pool during their lessons and got to play with all the noodles, toys, and kick boards since they were out. That beats coming back for another lesson time and paying for a "lesson" for a baby.

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