Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Birthday

Well, I am now 31! I have to admit that 30 was not kind to me. I am actually starting to feel some age creeping into my body (my back and knee to be exact). I noticed little wrinkles forming around my eyes. I am done procreating which makes me feel like I've moved into a new phase of life thus making me feel older. Although age is starting to show it's ugly face, I really had a great year. Lots of fun with my kids, an amazing trip with my husband, good health, stable job. I am very blessed. Since my birthday fell on a busy weekday, Garth made me a great dinner the Sunday before. (Thanks to Julie for the cute skirt!) Then on the weekend after I got to celebrate as well. Friday night I went to a Zumbathon. This is something new I discovered this year. Zumba is a super fun workout that I do once a week now. I like variety so I do boot camp, pilates, weight lifting, precor and Zumba each week. My friend Amina (in the blue) and my favorite instructor Alicia (in the teal next to her) told me about this Zumbathon for charity. (I am not in this photo, none of mine turned out so I stole one off Amina's facebook). There were 100+ people there and they made $1040 for a local crisis nursery. The pictures I had turned out too dark because they had the lights out with just some Christmas lights and a disco ball. My mom and sister came and we had a great time. Then Saturday my mom, sister, and I went to the Valley to do our annual birthday shopping and dinner. We had a great time! I found the black pencil skirt I have been wanting forever plus some super cute things that I didn't really need but love to add to my closet!
One of my favorite days of the year, shopping and dining with these ladies!


Natalie said...

Fun! I'm glad you had a great birthday week (I've recently discovered that week-long celebrations are the way to go, for sure) and you, Kim, and Julia all look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Oh I would have loved to be a part of the Zumbathlon. I also discovered how fun Zumba is at the YMCA and now that I live in Colville no one has heard of it! I just have to dance to my Zumba game on the wii! Happy Birthday!

Kellogg said...

You look so much better in that skirt then I ever will! Happy B-day!

amber and john said...

I'm so glad you had a great birthday! Yes, Zumba is so fun!!! Love it.

Way to go on the couponing! You are awesome. I tried the couponing thing about two years ago, and I'm one of those people who now says "I don't have time for couponing." Of course I realize if it was a bigger priority for me, I would make the time to do it. But since I never took the time to really get some major savings, I'm back to just watching the sales. It does take time, so I admire anyone who takes the time to really get into it. That's an awesome savings you had for 2010!