Sunday, October 24, 2010


Eleven years ago today, Garth was baptized. Two days ago he baptized our son. Watching my oldest child get baptized was an emotional experience in itself, but having it happen on the anniversary weekend of Garth's baptism made it even more special. It was so neat for me to reflect on how far Garth has come and what an amazing father he is to our four children. Carter was on cloud 9 all day. He was so excited to be baptized and was so ready to do it. He answered people's questions so articulately and really understood what he was choosing to do. At the end he bore his testimony of baptism and the Holy Ghost and I was so proud of him!

I am so pleased with the great example he is being to his younger siblings. They look up to him so much and I know they are looking forward to their turn to be baptized because of his example.
We are so grateful for the support we had from both friends and family. I am grateful for my brothers who drove all the way here to support Carter. I am grateful for the friends and family who don't belong to our church who put aside feelings of awkwardness or discomfort from attending someone else's church and came to show Carter they love him. It was a day I will remember forever. UPDATE: The Sunday after his baptism was fast Sunday. It was also the Sunday Garth and I were in Costa Rica. He went to church with the neighbors and bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting. Since he thought we would've liked to hear it, he wrote it down for me. I was told that the delivery was very sweet and sincere.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you have an 8 year old! We are getting old! We have been still driving Maverick down for football. I think Maverick team might of played against Carter's team last Saturday. We saw Brian and his wife living the game. Does Carter have a really tall boy with long hair on the team that kept making tons of touchdowns? Maverick's team has still not won a game. I am kindof glad the season is almost over. The games are so stinkin long. Okay now I have offically written the longest comment :)

Natalie said...

I'm all choked up! That is so sweet. I remember how excited you were to go to Garth's baptism and I can't believe it's been eleven years. Carter is so handsome. What a great little guy you have!