Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa Frankie

Up on Five Mile where Garth's grandparents live there is the cutest little grange. They have events there throughout the year but the best one is Pancakes with Santa! You can go sit on Santa's lap, bid on the silent auction, then go have yummy blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes. I was so surprised how my kids reacted to Santa.
Olivia didn't seem to notice. . .she was just happy to be held.

Derek was TERRIFIED!
Sydney wanted to talk to him but kept changing her mind. She finally went up on stage with him but wouldn't sit on his lap. Carter sat at a table across the room and said "I'm just too shy to talk to him." Anyone who knows Carter knows he's the furthest thing from shy.
We gave up and went for pancakes then the kids decided they'd like to go back and try again.
The best part is that Santa was played by Grandpa Norm's good friend Frank. They have coffee together all the time and he knows who each of my kids are. When we came in Santa said "Carter Merritt, you come see me." and "Missy Lou (which is Norm's nickname for her) come tell me what you want for Christmas." It is pretty magical when Santa knows your name (even if you are seven and trying hard NOT to believe he's real.)


Natalie said...

That is too cute! Frank sounds like the perfect Santa, even if your kids weren't thrilled by the idea of him. Amber and Syd seem like they are two peas in a pod! :)

john and amber said...

Love the Santa pics...too cute! And your truffles look great, Kace...great swirls! :)