Friday, December 18, 2009

It's fun to swim at the YMCA

You are supposed to sing that post title!
This week our kids finished a swim lesson session at the YMCA. I love that place and I am so glad we joined. Here's how it went. . .
CARTER is finally swimming on his own. He won't close his eyes so they are always red and puffy when he finishes. His teacher said "he sure knows how to make a class fun!" I'm not sure if that was actually a compliment. He was a great little Guppy!

SYDNEY loves the water but still loves the comfort of a teacher or a wall to hang on to. She made big improvements and was the cutest Eel in the pool. DEREK hated his teacher. Wouldn't look at her, talk to her, or give her high fives at the end of class. Luckily for Derek, she was about the lamest teacher I've ever seen and didn't do much with the kids. Garth and I traded turns with him in the pool and we survived. He loves the water in the shallow end and seems happy in the water as long as that teacher steers clear.

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