Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ski Summary

After an amazing Indian Summer, ski season is officially closed. The boat is winterized, covered, and hibernating in the garage. My friend Alexis took some really fun pictures when we went out skiing at Porcupine Bay in August. Here is the rundown of the year for us. Carter: He is a skiier!! He skied willingly mulitiple times this year. He crossed the wake over, and over. He started out with the "kid rope" and when we felt like he was too comfortable, we pushed him to try the real ski rope. He got confident enough with the "adult rope" that he even let go with one hand!
Garth: He got really good on his "off side" this year.
Garth got to enjoy some 6a.m. ski runs with my cousin before I had the baby.
I think he pulls through the wake so well. He never stops cutting.
Kacey: I got in 7 weeks of skiing! Thank you mother nature!
My off side. (this is my second week skiing for the year, so I am very pleased)
Alexis had this cool camera that took tons of consecutive pictures. It was so fun to scroll through and see your whole turn instead of just one picture. These are three consecutive shots of the same turn.

Sydney: Unfortunately, no pictures this year. She tried skiing twice. In between cries, she said "hit it" then would let go almost immediately after she felt pressure from the boat. We are super proud of her for trying!

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Jen and Ky said...

you are amazing! my skiing has taken a dramatic turn for the worse since we discovered wake surfing...it just hurts so much less to fall when you're only going 10 miles an hour! you've inspired me, however, and next summer i will try to rediscover my love for slalom skiing! way to go carter, what a champ!