Monday, October 5, 2009

How Camping is Like the Prom

Since I had the baby, Garth has been wanting to take the older kids camping. Partly for fun, partly to give me a break. Well, a couple of weekends ago, they finally went. They took off Thursday afternoon and were supposed to come back Saturday. When they showed up at home late Friday night, I couldn't help but think how camping is a lot like prom.
Prom: You anticipate it for months. You make sure to keep the weekend free and hope the right guy asks you.
Camping: You want to go all summer but weekends are just packed full. You finally pick a day, take work off and miss a day of school.
Prom: You take all day getting ready, you go to the mall to get your hair and makeup done. You take a really long time putting on your overpriced dress and carefully selecting just the right accessories.
Camping: You take all week getting ready. Slowly pulling out the insane amount of gear needed for three people for a couple of days. You go to the General Store and buy overpriced camping gear that you MUST have to make it a great experience. Then you spend hours prepping food, packing coolers and filling the truck.

Prom: You get there and although you look fabulous, the dance is sort of lame, you really aren't that in to your date, and it's over before you know it.
Camping: Despite all your hard work, the kids still fight with each other, they still ignore what you tell them. you can't sleep, and the water is too warm to catch any fish. So before you know it, you are headed home wet, tired, and frustrated.
Better luck next year.


Heather said...

Well put!

john and amber said...

Love that analogy! At least the camping pictures make it look like they had fun! :) I'm going to have to try making that zucchini crisp...looks yummy!