Thursday, August 30, 2012


I think it’s so great that our school does the Silverwood reading program where kids can earn a free ticket.  This year we took cousin Paige along with us (since her Dad is in Korea and her mom just had a baby).

 DSC00734                                We hit the water park first because for some reason we think it is worse to stand in line for water slides than for roller coasters.         

Paige wasn’t sure about the wave pool. . .

DSC00735          Until she found a lifejacket!


The kids always pick the grossest stuff at the candy shop! (three foot long marshmallow rope Mmmmm.)DSC00738

Then we hit the rides.  Sydney was super brave and went on every ride she was tall enough for.  Carter was also brave!  He did the Aftershock, the craziest roller coaster I have ever been on!


The bumper boats were hilarious!  Paige managed to get out in the middle (where people on the shore can spray you with water) then she couldn’t figure out how to go and pretty much spun in circles the entire time.  People sprayed the heck out of her but she was still totally happy by the end!!


Soaked but smiling!


We ended the day with some ice cream and a train ride.


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