Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I say this every time one of my kids has a birthday, but I can’t believe Olivia is three already!  We had the typical week-long celebrations with all of the different grandparents but I only managed to remember to take pictures at one of them. 


(Banner courtesy of Sydney and her friends)DSC00670DSC00673DSC00674I am loving the simple cake requests my kids have been making lately.  Olivia wanted “a big pink circle cake.” No problem!DSC00675DSC00676DSC00677DSC00679DSC00678

I must be hanging on to my last baby because she has stayed in a crib longer than any of my other children.  With no new baby, she didn’t have to get kicked out!  So for a combined birthday present for my girls, they got to redo their room. Phase one was matching big girl beds.  I’ll post pictures of the whole room once it is done!


Happy Birthday baby!

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