Friday, March 16, 2012

Sydney B7

Since getting a BINGO set for Christmas, Sydney knew she wanted to have a BINGO birthday party.  First we had the girls decorate and bedazzle their own BINGO cards and bags for their prizes. 


After some pizza, I told the girls that BINGO is a game of luck and that they needed a lucky item to help them along.  I had hidden brightly colored rabbit’s feet out in the yard and they all went searching for their own.                                                   024025                 When they came in we played BINGO. 026027028 It is so funny to watch the different personalities of kids.  One girl never said a word and concentrated on her card intensely.  Another girl hardly looked at her board and was so excited for other people when they got to put a marker on their board.  There were the kids that had to ask after every number “do I have that one?”  It was very entertaining.  Then there were presents to be opened.

 030031032 For the cake, I planned to make cake balls and I was going to frost them with BINGO numbers so they looked like BINGO balls.  Although cake balls are very easy to make, I had a hard time dipping them to be smooth enough on top to put letters and numbers on them.  Sydney was so understanding and said she still thought they were super cool and delicious (and it actually saved me a lot of time).


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