Friday, November 5, 2010


We WOULDN'T miss cubicle trick-or-treating at Garth's office.
The transformer doesn't belong to me. I just watch him friday afternoons.

Olivia WOULDN'T put her costume on without protesting first.
I WOULDN'T buy Derek a different costume when the tiger pretty much fit. Sydney WOULDN'T wear this amazing Ariel costume hand-made by her Grandma Theresa.Instead she was a black cat that I got for a quarter at a garage sale. Carter WOULDN'T be anything but a football player.
Garth WOULDN'T dress up in these super cool cheer outfits. He says the only thing dorkier than him in a polyester sweater is a mother in a cheer skirt with leggings. Since we were already in Liberty Lake for a football game, we WOULDN'T haul our butts home for our own wards trunk-or-treat. Instead we crashed the Youngs for some dinner, trunk-or-treat, door to door, and lots of fun!

I COULDN'T be happier that Halloween is over. It is not my favorite holiday!

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