Thursday, August 5, 2010

Boys Room Before and After

This is a very outdated post. My boys' room was in dire need of some updating. We had my favorite kind of furniture (the free kind) but it was deteriorating and needed to be replaced. These are the befores. . . awesome free bunk beds from Garth's mom's ski condo that were so rickety, we didn't trust them one on top of the other. the closet was a mess and had Garth's old dresser from when he was a kid.
This is the after. . .One of the highlights of the room are the toy boxes that Grandpa Norm has made for the boys. This one is Derek's from Christmas.
This one is Carter's from when he was 2. Clearly the closet didn't improve much but at least there is a nice door you can close!
I love how this wall turned out.

The other highlight is the quilt that my mom and I made. My mom made one for Carter when he turned 2. It has monster trucks, tractors, and race cars, all the things he loved. Since I have nice bunks now, I wanted their blankets to match. We made this new quilt with the same colors, just with a sports theme.
Technically, it is Derek's quilt but Carter ended up sleeping on the big bed on the bottom so he thinks it's his, especially since he is the biggest sports freak on the planet!

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