Monday, August 9, 2010

Art Camp

In July, my kids got to attend a week long art camp called Picasso's Studio at the Corbin Art Center. After a rough first two days, (battling colds, first time away from home all day for Syd, tears from feeling inadequate) they really enjoyed themselves.

Here is some of Carter's best stuff. Portrait of Derek, 3D guitar, mask, abstract Picasso-like portrait.

Papier mache bull, clay face.

Here is Sydney's best stuff. 3D guitar,

Papier mache goat, clay face,

abstract Picasso-like portrait (notice how the right side of the face is looking forward, and the left side is looking sideways), mask

a happy/sad clown.

It was so nice to have them busy for a whole week, all day long. . .I didn't even mind the ruined outfits that much!

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