Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Spring break at Big White was amazing! We were pleasantly surprised at how much snow there was, considering what a mild winter we had down here in Washington. To add to the fun, we invited our neighbors who have a boy Carter's age and a boy Syd's age. The Dunlop kids got snow shoes for Christmas so on the day they all skied together, we took their snow shoes for a spin.
I was so impressed with how well Carter and Sydney did. They were actually a lot of fun to snow shoe with because they wanted nothing to do with the beaten bath.
Quite the pose from Sydney. She tired out faster than Carter but she never complained or whined, she would just sit down occasionally and make a snow angel.

This was the view I had of Carter most of the morning, his backside as he disappeared into the trees.

Of course we hit the Kid's Carnival on Thursday night.

Derek got to go for the first time. He had fun doing the games but had a seriously hard time waiting in line. He didn't understand why he couldn't just walk right up and do what he wanted to.

The cotton candy line was the longest, but worth the wait!

Tubing was a bit windy. The kids didn't seem to mind, especially when they brought out the free hot cocoa.

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