Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Rough Month

Olivia's 9th month was a rough one. It started with an ear infection, then we moved on to a lovely case of Roseola, then after a week of good health, a double ear infection, sinus infection, and pink eye. Just in case she wasn't in enough pain, she broke 4 top teeth that month. In the midst of all the pain, she did learn to stand while holding on to something (she is not pulling herself up yet) and she is really cruising on all fours!
Although we have had some bad days, she is still such an easy-going baby and so far, month 10 is going much smoother!


Brimhall Designs said...

What a cutie. She is really starting to look a lot like Sydney.

Natalie said...

SHE IS ADORABLE! I can't get over that huge smile. I feel bad she had such a rough month. Here's to a rockin' month 10! :)