Monday, March 15, 2010

Cake, Cake, and more Cake!

It began last Sunday with cake at my Mom's to celebrate Sydney and cousin Sadie's birthdays.
And leftovers on Monday.
Then there were cupcakes Wednesday night to bring to preschool on Thursday.
Norm and Ele picked Syd up from preschool Thursday and since it was her actual birthday, gave her her very own cake.
We ate leftovers of that after a lasagna dinner (her request) and hours of playing with her new Littlest Pet Shop toys.

It continued Friday with this cake for her "friend party."

She requested an artist party so we went to Polka Dot Pottery to paint and eat more cake.

Finally on Sunday Garth's mom came to round off the celebrating. We ate the last of the cake.
The funniest part was Sunday at church when I got asked to bake a cake for the Relief Society birthday celebration this week. Just in case I hadn't eaten enough cake already.
How many hours of running do you think I have to do to burn off all that frosting?


john and amber said...

What a fun week for Sydney, full of yummy cake! What a cute idea for her 'friends party' cake! Happy Birthday, Syd!

Kace, don't feel bad about being out of the loop about Kelly. I remember you saying something similar when I announced my pregnancy...I assure you if we told our mom earlier on, you would know earlier, which is why we wait to tell her, until we are ready for everyone to know! :)

Natalie said...

Ha ha! I was just complaining this morning about how many times we celebrate each kid's birthday around here, too. That palette cake is to die for! Way to go, little Martha, and happy birthday, Sydney! BTW, I'm calling you TONIGHT. Sorry I keep missing you!

Jason Hawks said...

Hey cousin! Despite all the time I spend on computers for work I'm a little behind on this whole blogging world! I was reading through my little sisters blog this morning (Saturday mornings are the one truly "slow time" at work where I can sit down and read a little. As I was reading some of her posts and the comments I saw one of your comments and followed it to your blog. It has been fun to read a little about your family. It looks like things are wonderful in the Pacific Northwest for you and your family. It's been way too long so we should email every once in a while...or we could blogstalk! :) Tell your family hi and send me a note or you can check out our blog (I'm working on updating it a little more often!) or