Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby of the Year

Contestant #1: Olivia Hamilton

Talents and admirable qualities:
Sleeping through the night (since 2 weeks old. . .with the occasional bad week, but never enough to make her cry it out).
A great eater! As you can tell by the squash on her face and the rolls on her thighs, this girl loves to eat. We have not given her anything she hasn't liked.
The girl is flexible (literally and figuratively). She loves to suck on her big toe and is guilty of constantly pulling her socks off to get at it. Her napping and sleeping schedule has to be so flexible because of preschool drop-offs, ballet, soccer, etc. She misses naps often but rarely makes me pay for it. In her short life, I she has spent more time in this seat than probably anywhere else!
Easily entertained. Give her a laundry basket to play with and she's a happy camper. Just the littlest bit of attention from a sibling or parent and she is giddy!
Congeniality? She is Miss Congeniality. She smiles at EVERYONE and makes you feel like you are the most interesting, exciting, and special person who has ever cooed at her.
Sadly, she is already leaving my favorite stage (sitting up but not moving much). She is officially crawling so we may be saying "adios" to our baby of the year. I am an experienced enough mother to know that things can change at the drop of a hat. For now? I am basking in the pleasantry of this AMAZING baby!

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Natalie said...

She's darling! Maybe she can marry Case or Rex someday. :)