Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween and a Wedding

Halloween is such a crazy holiday. This year it started on Thursday with Syd's preschool party, then Friday afternoon at Carter's school.

After the school party we ran to my mom's office for some cubicle trick or treating and treats. Then we ran back to the school for the Harvest Festival. It was all a little more than Derek could handle so Garth took him home and I stayed with the older kids.

This is Carter and his friend Carly (she has a major crush on him).
The best part was when Derek won the cake walk!

The fun continued Saturday night with the costume wedding reception for my cousin.
Carter was a vampire. . .
Sydney and Olivia were flapper girls (thanks to Grandma Theresa for making the adorable dresses!)
Derek was Yoda (a repeat from last year. Why buy a new costume when this one still fit?)I'm not quite sure what Garth was. He called himself the "keeper of the ladies." I thought he looked like a pimp. The whole fam trunk or treating outside the country club where the reception was held.
The reception was one of the most fun mormon wedding receptions I've attended. Perhaps the costumes helped people to relax a bit and have more fun.

Kelly was such a beautiful bride. She had an amazing dress (that you can't see very well from the photos.)

Dance, Dance, Dance!

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Natalie said...

So fun! And...I love your costumes. Those flapper dresses are adorable. You all look great and I think I'll try to persuade my sisters to have Halloween Costume weddings if they ever get married. :)