Sunday, July 26, 2009

I won the Lottery!

For July book club, we read "Lottery." I thought it was a really good book. Kind of Forest Gump-ish about a "slow" guy who wins the lottery.
The hostess thought it would be fun to buy lottery tickets for everyone to scratch after our discussion. Being a good little mormon girl, I have never played the lottery. I picked a ticket out of the pile of tickets, read carefully, asked the lady next to me for clarification, then scratched away. The instructions said "match 3 like amounts and win that amount." Imagine my surprise when I my scratched ticket looked like this!

I was hesitant and showed the lady next to me again and asked if I did it right. Did I really just win $10,000?! Nope, it was a fake! Of all the people there, I was the perfect one to get the fake. It really had me going for a second!


Jessica said...

I was going to be so sad I missed it, if they were handing out money like that! (I'm still sad, because I know you brought the baby and I want to see her!)

Natalie said...

Ha ha! Too bad it was fake. I totally would have fallen for it, too. Think of all the great things one could do with $10,000...maybe you should read "Confessions of a Shopaholic" next so you can win a shopping spree or something. :)

The Merritt's said...

Jeez- I was ticked at Nicole that she let the cat out of the bag so soon!!! I have been giggling about that prank for WEEKS, Casey!! WEEKS! And I wasn't sure if someone should "win" who didn't know about it and Michele was actually supposed to be in on it and "win" so no one's feelings were hurt! But it worked out great! You snagged the ticket first and they got passed out vs. people picking from the pile! You wre a great sport. Too bad I couldn't back up the bottom line with the cash!! Such a treat to see Olivia. I hope you're all doing well! Z