Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Heaven Sent

Of course this girl is. . .
But also this girl.
My 16 year old cousin McKenzie came to stay with me and help me with the kids after I had Olivia. She was such an angel. She drove me around post-surgery, picked up Derek for the 2 weeks I wasn't allowed, and played CONSTANTLY with my older kids while I nursed and slept or whatever. I was so lucky to have her and I am going through some serious withdrawal now that she has left.

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Natalie said...

Kenzie is adorable and looks just like the gorgeous Hawkes ladies! How nice to have her around; I feel the same way about my nieces when they come to visit. Olivia is so darling and I love her pink plaid dress. Your Seattle trip looks like tons of fun and I, too, love H&M. We must be friends. :)