Saturday, October 20, 2012

Flathead Lake

Some new friends in our ward, the Laws, have access to this beautiful lake home on Flathead Lake in Montana.  They invited us (and our boat :) to come along!  The also invited the Wards and I just so happen to work out a lot with Julie Ward so it was fun to spend time with her outside the gym! It was the second weekend in October so the water was pretty chilly but it didn’t keep anyone from playing in the water and having a great time! 



There was a great little inlet where you could keep the kids, and the boat, protected.  Such a fun spot to play!


Sydney, Gabe Law, and Isabella Ward.


Carter hopped right in the cold water to rip it up one last time.  We knew the boat was going in the shop as soon as we were home :(


We found out later that this paddle boat actually belonged to the neighbors.  Oops, it was fun while it lasted! Can you believe Natalie took 6 kids out alone?  Including her 3 month old baby.  They moved here from Florida so they are pretty relaxed around the water!


Olivia and Sydney loved baby Layla Law.  They are going to be great babysitters someday.




Carter and Garth played catch off the dock.



Derek thought it looked like fun so he got in on the action!


Swimmer Sydney!




Saturday night we went for a moonlight ski run then had a bonfire with all the kids.  This is one of the most beautiful lakes I have been to.  Surrounded by the Rockies, clean water, gorgeous homes, AMAZING!

New Image


Sunday morning we drove into town for church at the tiniest branch.  I think we doubled the congregation!

Then we came home for some delicious pumpkin pancakes and a little more playing for the kids while the adults packed and cleaned up. 

Micheal loved his pancakes with whip cream!


Sydney, Emma Law, Gabe Law, Kaila Law, Isabella Ward and Micheal Ward



The moms: Natalie Law, Myself and Julie Ward


Always a good indicator of a great weekend!!


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