Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer abundance

We planted a garden this year and it has been fun to eat fresh veggies from our own garden (instead of mooching it all from Norm & Ele). I think everyone with a garden should plant a zucchini because it makes you feel successful. You can over water, under water, neglect to weed, and you still get more zucchini than you know what to do with! My family is getting very sick of all the zucchini recipes I have been making for dinner. They never complain about the zucchini bread or zucchini cookies though.

I realize they are not yummy when they get this big. We forgot to pick for a couple of days and when we did, there was a ginormous one. We left it for a couple of weeks to see how big it would get.

We also discovered pizza on the grill this summer. It is the best way to do homemade pizza, if you ask me. Many thanks to Julie for the yummy pizza dough recipe. We have tried it twice with different varieties of toppings and it has secured it's spot as a regular on the Hamilton Family Menu.


Natalie said...

YUM! Grilled pizza is my new fave this summer, too (have you tried it with hummus instead of tomato sauce and veggies and feta cheese on top?). Your zucchini is very impressive. My girls grew a zucchini plant this year, too, so we've been eating it fried the past few days. There's no better way to ruin a perfectly healthy veggie, right?

Kellogg said...

YEA!! So glad you tried it and like it. You will never go back now.

amy said...

yum that looks good! You'll definetely have to share your knowledge of grilling pizza with me. Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!